Donating Toothpaste to the Needy is Something Everyone Can Do
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Donating Toothpaste to the Needy is Something Everyone Can Do

I love to help others, but like many people today, I don't have a huge bank account that allows me to make large donations to charities. I still try to donate items I can afford to the needy, and two items that are always appreciated by local food banks are toothpaste and toothbrushes. These two items can make huge differences in the lives of needy people who cannot afford them, as it helps them keep their teeth healthy now and avoid expensive dental bills in the future. Remember that giving does not have to mean donating large sums of money to charities. I created this blog to remind people that giving dental care items to the needy can be a great contribution to society that anyone can afford.


Donating Toothpaste to the Needy is Something Everyone Can Do

Is A Dental Implant Right For You?

Dianne Perry

If you are thinking about getting dental implants, then there are a number of factors that you will need to consider. Dental implants aren't necessarily right for everyone, but they can offer some very attractive benefits to certain people.


The most attractive benefit of implants is often their longevity. With a dental implant, you will likely never need to get any more dental work done on the tooth in question. As long as you properly maintain your implant, you will likely never need to even think about your implant again.

As far as maintenance goes, you will mostly just need to brush and floss regularly. If you have a porcelain implant, then you want to watch out for any foods and drinks that might stain your implant. Sodas are obviously bad, but so are red wines and dark fruit juices.


There are actually quite a few different types of implants, so you can choose the configuration that is right for you.

Firstly, there are two different installation methods for implants: endosteal and subperiosteal.

  • Endosteal implants are installed directly into the jawbone. This means that they are extremely strong, but they also are much harder to install. If your jawbone is weak or if you aren't willing to have surgery done all the way from your gums to your jawbone, then an endosteal implant might not be best for you.

  • Subperiosteal implants are installed in a much shallower manner, simply resting in the gums instead of the jawbone. This does mean that they are easier to displace, but they are a lot easier to install.

As far as materials go, you can pick an option that fits your budget and needs. Metal implants are fairly cheap, but won't look as natural as other options. Composites tend to be the cheapest, but they are also the least durable. If you want to combine great aesthetics and durability, then a ceramic or porcelain implant might be your best bet, but they can run you quite a pretty penny.

Reliability and Durability

You can also rest assured that your implant is going to be very strong and difficult to break. However, in the event that you do feel that something is wrong with your implant, you should talk to your dentist immediately. It might have been installed incorrectly, there might be a problem with your jaw, or your gums might be irritated. None of these are directly related to the structure of the implant, but an improperly installed implant can cause some serious damage to your mouth.

For more information and advice, talk with a professional dentist, such as Dr. Mike Finn.