Donating Toothpaste to the Needy is Something Everyone Can Do
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Donating Toothpaste to the Needy is Something Everyone Can Do

I love to help others, but like many people today, I don't have a huge bank account that allows me to make large donations to charities. I still try to donate items I can afford to the needy, and two items that are always appreciated by local food banks are toothpaste and toothbrushes. These two items can make huge differences in the lives of needy people who cannot afford them, as it helps them keep their teeth healthy now and avoid expensive dental bills in the future. Remember that giving does not have to mean donating large sums of money to charities. I created this blog to remind people that giving dental care items to the needy can be a great contribution to society that anyone can afford.


Donating Toothpaste to the Needy is Something Everyone Can Do

What Are Gold Dental Crowns?

Dianne Perry

Dental crowns can help protect your teeth when they are susceptible to damage, such as from severe cracking or following a root canal. When you are in need of a dental crown, you have a few different materials to choose from. One of the more expensive options is gold. While more visible than ceramic or porcelain crowns, there are still some benefits to choosing gold.

What materials are gold crowns made of?

There are multiple types of gold crowns to choose from, with not all of them being pure gold. Many of the gold crowns are actually made of porcelain that has been fused to gold, which provides benefits of the gold and the porcelain in one crown. This also reduces the cost since full gold costs more than when it is combined with porcelain. There are different alloys that make up gold crowns as well, including those that are made with precious metals, semi-precious metals, or non-precious metals. This can change the overall price of the gold crowns.

Why do people choose gold crowns?

You will find that gold crowns serve more than one purpose. First of all, some people choose gold crowns purely for the look of them. However, there are also other benefits. For example, gold doesn't cause a lot of wear to the tooth or neighboring teeth, which other crowns sometimes do. They are the better choice if you are someone that clenches or grinds your teeth, as the crown will last a little longer than porcelain crowns. You can get gold crowns anywhere in your mouth, from getting the look of gold with your front teeth, to using them purely for restorative purposes in your back molars.

Can everyone have gold crowns?

There are some prerequisites for getting gold crowns, aside from being able to afford them. For example, if you have a metal allergy, you may want to think twice before getting this type of crown. While you still may be able to get a gold crown, your dentist may need to choose carefully which crown is used, ensuring the metal alloys used for the crown do not include nickle or another metal you are allergic to. If you aren't sure about metal allergies, it is best that you get allergy tests first so you don't have issues after getting the crown placed.

If you are in need of a dental crown, ask a dentist, such as those at Dorset Dental Office, about the possibility of getting a gold crown.