Donating Toothpaste to the Needy is Something Everyone Can Do
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Donating Toothpaste to the Needy is Something Everyone Can Do

I love to help others, but like many people today, I don't have a huge bank account that allows me to make large donations to charities. I still try to donate items I can afford to the needy, and two items that are always appreciated by local food banks are toothpaste and toothbrushes. These two items can make huge differences in the lives of needy people who cannot afford them, as it helps them keep their teeth healthy now and avoid expensive dental bills in the future. Remember that giving does not have to mean donating large sums of money to charities. I created this blog to remind people that giving dental care items to the needy can be a great contribution to society that anyone can afford.


Donating Toothpaste to the Needy is Something Everyone Can Do

  • Is A Dental Implant Right For You?

    5 February 2016

    If you are thinking about getting dental implants, then there are a number of factors that you will need to consider. Dental implants aren't necessarily right for everyone, but they can offer some very attractive benefits to certain people. Longevity The most attractive benefit of implants is often their longevity. With a dental implant, you will likely never need to get any more dental work done on the tooth in question.

  • What Are Gold Dental Crowns?

    5 February 2016

    Dental crowns can help protect your teeth when they are susceptible to damage, such as from severe cracking or following a root canal. When you are in need of a dental crown, you have a few different materials to choose from. One of the more expensive options is gold. While more visible than ceramic or porcelain crowns, there are still some benefits to choosing gold. What materials are gold crowns made of?

  • 4 Things You Need to Know About Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagica

    3 December 2015

    There are many different conditions that can lead to the appearance of blisters inside your mouth, including angina bullosa hemorrhagica. Here are four things you need to know about angina bullosa hemorrhagica. What are the signs of angina bullosa hemorrhagica? If you have this condition, blood-filled blisters will suddenly develop in your mouth while you're eating, or shortly after you finish your meal. The blisters are quite large and can reach diameters of 3 centimeters.

  • Have A Crack In Your Dentures? A Denture Clinic Can Make Repairs

    15 September 2015

    If you drop your dentures and crack one of the plates, you'll need to take them to a denture clinic to be repaired. Although you can buy denture repair kits over the counter, you could ruin your dentures by gluing the crack together with the plate out of alignment. Denture repairs usually don't take too long, and it's better to have the job done right so you won't have problems with a poor fit.

  • 4 Oral Health Problems Caused By Smoking

    12 August 2015

    If you smoke, you may be damaging more than your lungs; you may be harming your teeth and gums. Here are four oral health problems caused by smoking: Leukoplakia Leukoplakia is a condition characterized by a gray or white lesion that presents on the inside of your mouth. It can appear on your tongue, gums, inner cheek or even on the floor of your mouth. The patch actually occurs in response to a chronic irritant, so you are at risk if you smoke or use chewing tobacco.